Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Green Means Go (even with print)!

Whilst thinking about doing a St Patrick’s day blog article I considered the options and the only link I could find was green, so here is my (tenuous) St Patrick’s day blog -

As marketeers and designers we are noticing progressively more that the environmental status and impact of a company is being used as a both a USP and also as a buying decision for more and more businesses. It started off with us being asked if our paper stocks are sustainable (FSC) or whether we have recycled options (to which we are happy to be able to offer along with our hubs IS0 14001). Now, as awareness and knowledge increases, it has moved on to deeper questions regarding vegetable inks, packaging and run wastage.

It is interesting to see the shift in thought patterns even with the economy as it is people are still happy to pay more money to enable them to be perceived as ‘green’. Print in its intrinsic form is not perceived to be the most environmentally friendly of the marketing mediums however that doesn’t exclude us from the marketing mix of green companies! We plant trees, use sustainable forests & vegetable inks and have strict policies in place to minimise the impact, so all the environmentally conscious companies can continue to use the printed medium to promote and excel their businesses! (for those interested please see here for details on and the environment)

Tree Appeal update – Thanks to all our customers who have bought from us recently as you have helped us reach and exceed the 50k tree planting target that we set last year through David Bellamy and the Tree Appeal, we have now stretched the target to 100k so for every 20 orders we will plant a tree towards that target! Why not nominate your school for a visit from David Bellamy and the tree planting team!

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