Thursday, 11 March 2010

Design Myths Revealed

The world of design is, to some, often surrounded in mystery so let’s erase some myths (I have heard all of these first hand) –

Myth – Design is about making marketing look nice

Truth – No, no, no design is not about making things look pretty, design is fundamental to the structure of the marketing, design is actually about making it work, it is about creating mood, attracting attention and initiating an action. We don’t design marketing to make it pretty and colourful, we design to make it work.

Myth – I’ve got some free design software on my PC therefore I don’t need to invest in professional design

Truth – Unless you have design experience or qualifications then I am afraid you should probably invest in some advice. As they say you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, bad design costs but good design pays. By all means come up with some ideas even some layouts but my advice would be to let the final version be done professionally, trust me as I have been asked to print a number of homemade designs!

Myth – I’m only a small company, I don’t need any design.

Truth – All the marketing you put out reflects your company, by not investing in design you risk tarnishing your name before you have even started and it can take an awfully long time to rebuild a business reputation. Remember no matter what your business does you need to reflect a professional image, if your business cards look part-time then people will assume the business is amateur.

Myth - Loads of sites have readily available templates so design is not needed

Truth - Yes there are plenty of template based sites that you can use. however you run the risk of coming across the same design everywhere you go, I have been to an event and 2 book-keepers passed around exactly the same card, the only difference was the details. What kind of image does that portray? I would hope that your business is unique in some way and therefore so should your marketing, how else will people know it’s you?

Myth - I'm getting it professionally printed so the design isn't important

Truth - The assumption that somehow in-between the file being sent to the printer and it actually being printed that it is going to miraculously become 'designed' without paying for the service is unlikely, if you are taking the time and money to have it professionally printed then you should definitely invest in design or you risk throwing the money away with a poor design on good quality paper!

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