Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Next Step - Free Seminar

4 local Lincoln businesses have got together to offer a unique insight into the areas of sales and marketing by offering a free seminar delivered by professionals who do it every day.

This free seminar entitled ‘The Next Step’ is aimed at businesses who are looking to grow and take the business upwards in 2010, whether that is a new business starting up or an established business who wants to expand, there promises to be something for everyone to take away with them.

Those involved are Keith Loven of Loven Patent & Trademarks Attorneys , Andy Clayton of, Paul Clayton of Creative Contacts and Julie Taylor of GTI 4U. They all spend their day to day working lives on the subject they are talking about so you will be given inside tips from the very best.

Presentations include Choosing and Protecting Your Brand, Image and Perception, Use of the Telephone and Sales Processes.

The Next Step is to be held at the offices of Loven Patent & Trademarks Attorneys in Lincoln on 26th January 2010 between 3.30pm – 5.45pm, for more information or bookings please email or call 01522 780871


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